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Sparelax is an professional manufacturer in Spas & Swimming Pool since 2008. You are welcomed to join our Sparelax family on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

There are so many reasons to become a Sparelax dealer.

Advanced Technology:

Certifications of CE、ROHSSAAKCEACCBIEC and GML-TUV are the strong warranties of technology. We have a professional technical team who can not only give powerful technical support but also realize dealer’s good ideas. Ongoing commitment to innovative product development can make dealers sale and closing ratio higher than others.

Comprehensive Training:

Sparelax  professional sales trainers can provide in-depth product、technical service and sales presentation training. We provide dealers factory tours and pay a visit to dealers annually.

Best Service:

We provide a series of service run through the whole process of cooperation including pre-consultation and after-sale. The professional team services you for 12 hours on work day and we ensure that all the problems will be solved in 3 days

Spa Benefit


A massaging spa reduces stress, stimulates blood circulation, lowers muscle tension and soreness, gives temporary relief from arthritis and accelerates healing of muscle-related injuries. There are physiological as well as psychological reasons that a spa so successfully relieves stress and helps you unwind during tense times.  Hydrotherapy, combined with heat therapy and buoyancy of being submerged in water, all work together to let your body release tension, loosen stiff muscles, and make the blood flow more freely.

High-pressure water on tired muscles provides a soothing and stimulating effect similar to that of an expensive massage therapy session. In fact, a home spa gives you instant, permanent access to the same beneficial effects of hot water enjoyed through the ages by the ancient Turks and Romans (or anyone who happens to live near natural hot springs). A spa’s hydro massage jets target pain precisely. Jets in the foot well, for example, alleviate pain in your ankles and feet, while swirling jets installed in the back of a spa’s lounge seat ease tension in the back and neck. Morning stiffness? A relaxing soak is a great way to start the day. More pain at night? Have a soak before bedtime.

Improved sleep
Iget the greatest benefits from the sleep you DO have time for. And lots of people who own spa have concluded that a few minutes in the spa will help someone fall asleep and sleep deeper.

Social life
Invite your friends over for a spa is much easier than cooking them dinner. You’ll find your SpaRelax Spa could quickly become a social spa for family, friends and significant others.

Family Benefits
Family is the most important in the world. Disconnect your family from the TV, iPod and bring them together in one place that everyone wants to be, the spa.

Your Spa is great place to bring family together when society seems to be pulling you in different directions. Everyone can appreciate and enjoy soothing jets and everyone can have their favorite seat. Sit back, relax and listen to the conversation flow.

Aesthetic Benefits
Are you ready to enjoy your backyard? Use a SpaRelax Spa to create the perfect home resort. SpaRelax Spas are brilliantly designed and will enhance the overall beauty and serenity of any landscape. Use your spa as the focal point, or nestle it away to create privacy and intimacy. The addition of a spa in a well landscaped yard can even increase the resale valve of your home.

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