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What is good quality spas ?

2017-08-01 10:23:38

Most of the customers are always thinking about how can they recognize a good spa or swim spa before purchase it, here are some steps will help you for judging.

1.      Acrylic

You have to confirm if the acrylic is a famous brand or not, nowadays, the most popular brand of the spa acrylic are Lucite and Arestech, but frankly speaking, I prefer the Lucite acrylic because of its good luster and looks brand after being used many years, as a reliable cooperator of Lucite, SpaRelax co.,ltd had all spas and swim spas made from Lucite acrylic.

2.      Pipes

A good quality spas must use the soft pipes which is food grade, you can try to think, if the pipes are not environmental protection materials, the warm water pass through it day by day, it will be terrible for your healthy, if the spas and swim spas use the soft pipes, you will never worried about the frozen water crack the pipes in the winter of extremely cold climate.

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