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Our material Lucite acrylic which is the most famous brand in the US, good luster and good tensility, the hot tubs will looks span-new even been used many years.


We have 2 sets of molding equipment respectively for swim pool and normal hot tubs.


Average thickness of the spa shell is 7mm, our hot tubs always much heavier and stronger than the other’s.


We use specific machine to drill the hole, the drilled out areas are perfectly smoothed to ensure that all plumbing hardware will precisely fit without any leaking.


We use the food grade transparent flexible pipes, all the hose clamps are in the same direction, much easier for maintenance.

6.Water test

Each spa must be passed water-tested and function tested before it leaves SpaRelax factory.


Double-deck of extra thick PE foam with the steel pallet to protect the hot tubs.


Q: What are the functions of spa?
A: Firstly, Hot tub can bring you hydrotherapy. The impact force of water from the jets could alleviate the back pain and relax yourself. Secondly, all the hot tubs designed with several seats or lounges, so that is a good chance for you to enjoy the happy time with your family. Thirdly, all of our hot tubs can be customized, you can have different requirements such as stereo system, insulation, lighting and waterscape.

Q: How could I know if the spa fits me or not?
A: You can try it wet before you buy. Get wet and take a test soak to judge whether the seats comfortable or not. Don’t choose quantity over quality. You should pay more attention to the jets types, the depth of the seats, the size the free space of your garden, and the energy consumption.

Q: What should I pay attention to when choose a spa?
A: You should pay attention to some main aspects. An easy operated control panel which can help save many time; full filtration with readily accessible for cleaning which can protect the pipe from blocking; locking cover and locking panel can keep out small children and safety handrails and steps for ease of entry. In addition, the materials of the pipes, and the thick ness of the shell also the most important. We are also very attentively in the place where you can’t see.

Q: What is the warranty of spa?
A: You can ask for a copy of the warranty to take home from the dealer or you can find the warranties that printed in the product brochure or website. Generally speaking, the selling dealers would do service on the spa at your home. The manufacturers would require you to send in parts for repair rather than fixing them on site.

Q:Why you use Lucite acrylic?
A:The tub is molded in Lucite acrylic which is a very good material to bacteria and discoloration. Since it is very dense surface impurities are preventing it from getting into the surface and destroy it. It also called plastic glass. It has a much denser surface than the most common material in expensive spas. It also has a completely different finish, even after many years.

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