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Relax Your Way Out Of Stress


Are we aware how stresstakes a massive toll on our health? And just how big of a problem is it? Many of us are paying a premium on our health that we don't even realise. And most importantly, once we recognize just howstress is crippling our lives, how can we make changes?


Results from the Labor Force Survey (LFS) 2015/2016 gives some insight on the price we are paying in Great Britain for work related stress (and this is just what's reported).


The total number of working days lost due to work related stress in 2015/16 was 11.7 million days.

In 2015/16 stress accounted for 37% of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health.

Obesity, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, depression and anxiety are just some of the most common problems activated and accelerated by stress.


Ok, so what can we do???


I recommend we first take a moment to assess the main sources of stress on an individual basis. Be open to find that it can be a series of small things adding up.


I suggest breaking them down into manageable portions, and take one at a time. It can be helpful to simply reframe negative situations as opportunities. For example, "I have to work so much, I don't have time for my family" could be reframed in a way to make better use of my time. Being intentional about spending time with loved ones is one of the best ways to strengthen our feelings of joy and security.


Another great way to combat stress is to find a way of relaxing that you really enjoy. You might like to take up a new hobby, travel, or create a space in your schedule and space in your home for intentional relaxation.


One method of home relaxation that will generate peace and healing is a hot tub. Just 15 minutes in a hot tub is very effective at preventing and reducing stress in a variety of ways. The hydrotherapy created by swirling jets along trigger points eases tension.


Some of the benefits of soaking in a hot tub are:


Improves sleep

Reduces stress and anxiety

Reduces arthritic and chronic pain

Lowers blood sugar

Lowers blood pressure

Decreases Frequency of Migraines and Tension Headaches

Promotes Healthier, Younger Looking Skin

Having a hot tub at home gives you the option to be flexible with your relaxation. It's the perfect investment in your health you can even share with your family and friends. But just be careful, you might become very popular in your neighborhood!


For more information or to find a hot tub distributor in your area, contact SpasRalax:


However you choose to combat stress, be sure to enjoy the journey : )

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