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Hydro therapy and strong jets provide optimal relief for your whole body. One, thirty-minute soak in a hot tub can substantially reduce the tension in your bad knees, achy elbows, and cracking fingers and toes.

Hydro therapy benefits your health and well-being

Warm temperatures release everyday tension in your muscles, and while youre in a hot tub youll have an easier time regaining comfortable movement in your sore limbs. The buoyancy of the water allows for greater movement, and hot water relaxes your muscles to ensure an easier time with therapeutic exercises. Not only will your time in a spa pool help your muscles relax, but it will help put your mind at ease. Arthritis is just as painful as it is frustrating, so let your hot massage bathtub massage your aching body and soothe your stresses.

In-water exercises help to ease your pain

Arthritis might prevent you from exercising the way you want to on land, but since water dilutes Earths gravity a bit, doing small exercises in the hot tub could help significantly reduce your arthritic pain. Now that you can freely move your aching arms, legs, hands, and feet, small movements that help stretch and strengthen your body will be much easier. Here are a couple of suggested exercises that you can try in the spa pool to help ease your arthritic pain:

Extend your fingers to stretch, then gradually curl your hand into a fist. Repeat this motion slowly to get the blood flowing in your hands

While sitting, raise your feet one at a time, extending your knees to get your muscles moving

Allow the hot water to relax your body and slowly extend your arms to relieve any tension in your elbows. Bring your hands back in towards your chest and repeat this motion gradually.

Slowly trace the alphabet with your feet to loosen the muscles in your ankles

Do these exercises gradually, and limit each movement to 5-15 times; you dont want to over-extend your body or risk injury. But dont take it from us; we sell hot tubs, not prescriptions. Speak with your physician before doing any exercises on your own.

Other Considerations

Talk to your physician before any kind of physical exercise

Limit your outdoor spa time to less than 30 minutes

Sitting and breathing in high heat can make you dehydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your time in a massage spa .

For hot tub exercises, keep the water temperature below 100 degrees to avoid overheating your body

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