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Hot tub trends: Spas in Home offer health, wellness benefits

2017-11-30 10:14:54

Outdoor spas started as the ultimate luxury backyard accessory, but have now evolved into much more. Many people have their owned spa.

Todays outdoor spas are about health and wellness and are family-focused too boasting high-tech features and customized options.

If you use the tub at night, it can help you get a better nights sleep, as it helps with circulation and relieving muscle tension, said Smith, who has been with the family-owned company, which opened in 1960, for about 20 years.

You are 90 percent buoyant when youre in water up to your neck, so it takes a lot of pressure off, he said. Its such a totally relaxing experience that it helps with anxiety and stress.

Hot tub manufacturer SpasRelax offers an exclusive dual-therapy system, which they say provides a gentler, whole-body therapy to complement more traditional jets that normally target the hip, wrist and elbow.

This gentler therapy has proven better at peeling away tensions and stress from the entire body by releasing lactic acid from all body zones and allowing oxygen to flood every tissue and fiber, according to a statement.

People also see outdoor spas as a way of spending quality time with their families.

We are all so wired in the modern world that if you put the devices down and you jump in the tub, you can spend time as a family, Smith said.

John Magi, said todays outdoor spas really serve both purposes. The bigger tubs have the wide open area (for families), but at the same time, you have some therapeutic seats, he said.


For hot tub owners, the options are endless, and at SpasRelax.

Many new outdoor spas also have Sheer Descent Waterfalls, he said, and music is also very popular. A lot of it is Bluetooth, so you can use your own hand held device and control the music with your phone.

Ones spoke about the challenges of a hot tub that was built into a rock wall.

Todays hot tub are also more energy-efficient, featuring dense, light insulation and low-watt circulation pumps that use no electricity. They also are healthier for people to use.

A lot of folks say that they have skin sensitivity, and so (weve) moved toward layers of sanitation,”“I can reduce my chlorine or my bromine level to 25 percent of what I used to have to keep it at because I have these additional layers of sanitation built into the tub.

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