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Bring you a magical hydro massage
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Bring you a magical hydro massage

Hydro massage is a type of massage based on the therapeutic use of water pressure.
Broad Stream "Aqua-massage" Jets
Other suppliers offer spas with small and / or straight water nozzles, bring very uncomfortable and annoying massage to your back. But our broad stream jets distribute the water quietly even and our customers thank us how magical hydro massage jets bring to them.

Create the Perfect massage

Powerful, High Performance "Quiet Flo" Pumps
Spa Net pumps are quiet and very powerful, especially when combined with our "free flow" plumbing system that uses 50mm flexible plumbing and minimal sweeping (not 90 degree) elbows.

More quiet Operation
To achieve total relaxation you need peace and quiet. Allseas Spas are known as building one of the world’s quietest spas by using quality pumps with special anti-vibration pump mounts and locking in noise with our 6 stage insulation system.

More Comfortable
When you sit in a filled spa you realize that lay back and curved seats make you float and that most spa seats are not comfortable. The shaping of our seats helps you stay in place – making sure the jets hit the right spots and allowing you to relax and enjoy your spa. We have also designed all of our spas to offer extra room for your feet and more space overall, check the size of your foot well when doing your shopping.

Total Relaxation
Surround yourself with essential oil aromatherapy, the sounds of a trickling waterfall, mood lighting and your choice of sound system to create the perfect mood and achieve total relaxation.

Crystal Clear, Chlorine Free Water
Our Dynamic Water Management System with CD ozone, mixing chamber, dual pump twin cartridge filter system, "Smart Flow Valve", high flow circulation pump, optional "Micro Filter" and one-touch "Cleanup Cycle" all make keeping your spa clean and clear as easy as possible.

And to make it even simpler, we have created our own natural spa sanitation system that replaces harsh chemicals and corrosive salts and stops skin and eye irritations and bad odourless.

Water Temperature & Ambient Air Temperature

Heating always lost from a hot to a cold environment. In the case of a hot tub, the heat lost from the hot tub water to the cool air in the environment. A higher water temperature or a cooler air temperature results in more energy consumed.

The only way to reduce the effect temperature has on energy consumption is to maximize the insulation Beachcomber Eco-Design Thermos Construction were Eco-designed and constructed to do exactly this – insulate, conserve energy and save money!

Hot Tub Construction

Picture a cup of coffee in a mug compared to a cup of coffee inside a thermos on your kitchen table. Why does coffee in the mug get cold so much faster than the coffee in the thermos? One reason – Insulation.

Beachcomber’s Eco-Design Thermos Construction provides maximum insulation of the hot water from any cold environment. This reduces the effect of cold temperatures on energy consumption and makes a Beachcomber one of the most energy efficient hot tubs in all climates.

Frequency of Usage

Using a hot tub notably increases energy consumption because of the increased heat loss through the surface of the water when the cover is off. The “steam” you see evaporating into the air on the surface of the water is heat being released into the atmosphere. To optimize energy consumption even during Usage, Beachcomber’s Eco-Design feature, ESMS Technology, uses the most energy efficient pumps and heating technology.

Every Beachcomber Hot Tub runs on a 240 Volt, 60hertz service in North America. Our Energy Saver Management Systems are fully electric, and are powered by state-of-the-art digital technology. We do offer a 120 Volt service on selected models at participating stores and online at store. Check with your local building codes for more information on electrical requirements in your city or town.


American made “Aristech” or “Lucite®” acrylic surface. Hand painted pure vinyl ester resin for adhesion. Sprayed layer of vinyl ester resin/fibreglass composite. Marine grade polyester resin/fibreglass composite for strength. 2nd layer of polyester resin/fibreglass composite. High density closed cell (waterproof) foam insulation.

High density thermo-wood cabinet cladding 12 mm thick high density PE foam sheeting “Thermo wrap“ insulation Fibreglass or ABS base High density foam on the base (most spas) “Thermo wrap “ or “ Thermo foil “ 3 layer insulation High density closed cell foam on the shell. 7 High density lockable hard cover.
Allseas Spas provide superior quality by using Lucite® cast acrylic for making the very highest quality Spas. Our 6 layer laminated “Tough Bond” shells are one the thickest shells available (8-10mm thick) and our oven curing process ensures your shell is as strong as possible.

Lucite® cast acrylic comes with Microban® which inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause odor, stains and product degeneration. And the protective effects do not wear off over time because the Microban® antimicrobial protection is built into the Lucite® acrylic sheet at the time of manufacture to give a permanent effect.

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