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Hot Tub Error Codes issues and Solutions 2017-08-24 10:40:41

Modern hot tubs with electronic controls feature spa-side keypads with digital readouts called Control Panels. Hot tubs with these readouts will display an error code when something is wrong or malfunctioning.

Wondering what your spa is trying to tell you?

1. FLO or FLC

FLO or FLC = improper flow or pressure switch malfunction.

Solution: If there is no water flow, check the voltage going to the pump. Is your hot tub pump getting proper voltage, but still not running? Then, replace the pump.

There are many other possible causes of this problem. Get professional help if replacing the pump does not remedy the problem.

2. OH

OH = Overheat. The spa is at a temperature above 108° F. Do not use the outdoor spa when the temperature is flashing, or the OH message is displayed.

Solution: If the temperature of the water is 108° or hotter, replace the temp sensor. If the water is cool, the high limit sensor is bad and needs replacing.

3. Dr/Dry

Dr/Dry = Inadequate water flow detected in the heater.

Solution: If the hot tub is under-filled, add water to the normal fill line. Similar to the Flo error, there are many other possible causes of this problem. Seek professional help if filling the tub does not solve the problem.


COOL = Spa water is more than 20° F cooler than the temperature set point.

Solution: Place cover on the hot tub and allow it to heat up.

5. SnA or SnB

SnA or SnB = This means that sensor A or sensor B is bad or has a poor connection to the circuit board.

Solution: Check the connection or replace the sensor. If that does not work, the problem is the circuit board itself.

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