Luxury Whirlpool Hot Tub
  • How to choose a spa?
    • 2017-11-30

    When searching Wholesale Acrylic Hot Tub, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind. Will the spa fit in your space? What kind of hydrotherapy will it provide? Are you getting value for the pr...

  • What Are the Benefits of Sitting in a Hot Spa?
    • 2017-11-21

    Overview A Hot Spa is more than a luxurious accessory for your home. According to the medical website, sitting in a Hot Spa for a period of time has a number of benefits, both p...

  • You might be surprised how safe are hot tubs
    • 2017-11-14

    You might be surprised how safe are Luxury Massage Hot Tubs anyway? Well, they’re safer than you’ve been led to believe. Good news travels fast, but bad news travels even faster. On the rare occasion ...

  • A Comparison of Best Hot Tub Insulation Types
    • 2017-11-07

    Insulation is what keeps the water in your hot tub hot. It is designed to slow or stop energy from moving. In other words, it traps warmth in the spa and does not allow it to escape.   Any shoppe...

  • Soaking in Hot Tubs: As Good As Exercise
    • 2017-11-03

    Aresearch defining the spectrum of benefits of hot water immersion and aquatic activity piles up year after year, discussions remain largely academic and strangely dispassionate. It’s time to face the...

  • Spinal Cord Injury
    • 2017-11-06

    New research finds that, despite proven effectiveness, aquatics-based rehabilitation is underutilized Rehabilitation for those with a spinal cord injury typically focuses on regaining any mobility pos...

  • Why Choose SpaRelax?
    • 2017-10-31

    SpaRelax is a 10 years professional SPA manufacturer in China, dating back to 2007, When you buy a spa from SpaRelax, you buy a spa from a company with decade of experience and a reputation for qualit...

    • 2017-10-30

    A hot tub is an investment, and worth every penny. If you’ve thought of it just as a luxury, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that owning a Acrylic Hot Tub can significantly improve your overal...

  • A New Way to Find Pee in the Pool
    • 2017-10-27

    A new study finds a link between artificial sweeteners and urine content in the water.   A new study published in “Environmental Science & Technology Letters” could change how technicians mea...

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