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About Sparelax Bathtub

2017-06-13 09:39:04

Bathtubmaybe the most accurate word to describe what we at Sparelax create, but it hardly captures the blissful pleasure Sparelax engineer into every one of its bath designs.

Sparelax engineer design bathtub with the line as a pair of angel wings, Seats are sculpted to cradle your body. Seat backs are gently curved. And the lounges feature smoothly contoured recesses to support your legs more comfortably, to enable busy families to create daily enjoyment.

And then We simply add innovative technologies and modern functionalists, bring you visual and acoustic enjoyable in your bathing time.

All Sparelax baths are crafted by masters,with our special fiberglass thermal material.

The range also includes a number of high quality heavy gauge 100% cast precision acrylic bathtubs, which are made to ensure absolute integrity of hygiene, color and finish. We also provide customized service brings you the high end experience.

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